Work Wardrobe to Weekend Wear

Struggling with transforming your work wear to weekend? Take some tips on what to do with your current favourite staples and give them a relaxed edge.  There are a few wardrobe staples that I believe are easy transformers and wearing them this way is sure to make you feel more relaxed or perhaps a little less chiseled than you would during the week.

Give your classic trench coat a new look by tying the belt loosely behind your back to remove some of its structure.  Pull up the sleeves in a messy manner, leaving your undergarment sleeves sticking out the bottom and life the collar slightly at the back.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.35.50
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Rather than pairing your ankle boots with your pencil skirt and tights as you would for work, take them on an outing with a peasant style dress or a pair of jeans and a biker jacket to give them back their true identity for a change.  I’m a personal lover of the leopard print bootie.

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Nothing says relaxed like a cross body bag, hands free is the best way to stroll around the saturday markets. Whether is Chanel, Chloe or Zara, wearing it across your body instantly plays it down.

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Who said a white shirt is a work shirt! Undo an extra button, roll up your sleeves and tuck in the front only for a super chic undone sexy saturday night dinner shirt.

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A pair of smart black trousers can totally be used over the weekend if you are not in the mood for jeans AGAIN! Style them with a pair of high tops or your favourite sneakers, a t-shirt and a parka.  They will not even know themselves let alone you.

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Hope you enjoy finding new ways to wear old clothes!