Must Have Summer Sandals



You know how our Grandparents love to say “they don’t make things like they did in the old days”? Well Salterwater sandals proves exactly how well things were made in the old days and luckily for us they are still making them just as well. These sandals are true testament to how well things were made in the old days.  These classic sandals which have been a staple in America for over 70 years, now being spotted on a number of celebrities and their children, from Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung to Romy Mars and Ruby Maguire.  If the comfort and hardiness of this sandal aren’t enough to get you hooked, then surely their celebrity status is.

I was emailed by a stockist in SA and asked if I knew the brand and would I try a pair out for them, I was so excited and jumped at the opportunity.  Having been in the UK where they are very popular and have been for some time, I certainly did know the brand and I’m delighted to now be the owner of a pale gold pair.  Whilst I knew of the shoe, I had not tried them on before, neither did I know much about the brand, I read up about them and have realised just how amazing these sandals are.  It has made me want to write an essay on these quality little gems but I won’t do that to you, however I do want to share the highlights of these sandals with you:

The buckles are rust proof!

They can be thrown in the washing machine

You can run through the sand and sea in them (the leather is water resistant and the buckles are rust proof!) Making them the perfect sandal for wet or dry conditions.


They mould to your feet after repeated wear (meaning these sandals are made for absolutely any activity)


They have an array of colours to choose from

They have a kids range, so you can have matching sandals to your kiddies 🙂


If you haven’t got yourself a pair for this summer, do yourself a favour, find your local stockist or order a pair online! Tip: they are quite a small fit, so if you are a half size, then go up to the next size.

Have a great week everyone and lets hope summer arrives soon!



Summer Sandals

I stumbled upon the most magnificent mismatched pair of sandals this week (featured image) and after hunting them down (they live in Australia…)  I have come to the realisation that I may not be able to own a pair, down to tricky sizing, getting them here, risking them not fitting after getting them here, not being able to return them and having a lovely pair of incredibly expensive sandals sitting in my closet. And on second thoughts, maybe all that would be worth it in the event that they do actually fit, in which case the mission and cost would totally be worth it.

Whilst I feel none of the below even slightly compare to these beauties (in my eyes) here are some pretty cool easy going summer sandals that can be found on the high streets of SA.  I personally love a tan coloured sandal, I think it complements “a tan” and goes with the entire wardrobe, style permitting.

Sandals with Tassels H&M
Leather slides here

These knotted slides below are extremely comfortable and look way better on than off, I LOVE them! Link to UK site but can be found in SA stores.

Twist Sandals Topshop

Good for wearing with Tea dresses, floaty skirts, feminine clothing and jeans alike.

Leather Sandals Superbalist
Suede Sandals Woolworths
Leather Crossover Sandals Country Road
Embellished Leather Slides Woolworths

Winners for comfort – Solillas. They come in a massive range of colours I do love these sparkly ones.  I haven’t come across this brand in SA yet but I have seen replicas in other stores (can’t guarantee the comfort of the non- Solillas however)


Looking forward to perfectly pedicured tanned feet again 🙂


Favourite Finds of the week

There’s nothing quite like dolling up an outfit with an awesome pair of shoes, it’s got to be the simplest way, no matter what your shape or skin tone, everyone can just about get away with any type of shoe they like, provided they know how to pull them off.  Remember shoes can make or break the look…

These floral satin loafers are seriously doing it for me


Satin Loafers here

We’re heading into short season, which can be quite scary but how gorgeous are these little shorts, just perfect for pairing with any favourite tee and tan leather sandals.


Shorts here

I love the structured blouse with a twist, its so cute I’d want to wear it everyday.  Link directs to au website but can be found in stores in SA


Shoulder cut out top here

You would have gathered by now my love for this military green but I LOVE this, the green, the lace up, the silk detail. Imagine how good with a pair of white jeans…


Silk Blend blouse here

Anything boho goes but this little frock, love love love!


Embroidered dress here

I am a big fan of blue, its safe to say it’s one of my favourite colours (I don’t think it has anything to do with the high levels of testosterone around me everyday) and I am loving all the blues out for summer, its such a great colour for sun and sea, lakeside or river.


Embroidered off shoulder top here (directs to AU site but can be found in SA stores)

Happy Shopping.



Outfit Goals

Wherever you are in the world, I think February is a bit of an odd month! Shopping wise your’e neither here nor there.

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you’re desperately praying for signs of Spring and warmer days.  You can’t bare the thought of purchasing another jumper as you feel that summer is around the corner (although it’s not!) but you find yourself holding out for the Spring essentials which will start popping up around the stores as early as Feb/March.

In the Southern Hemisphere, you’ve done your summer shopping, you’ve had your beach holiday (December/January).  Easter is coming up but that can be so touch and go weather wise so you never know what your’e going to get!

This is a great time to revisit your wardrobe and go through what you have used this season and what you have not touched, if there has been something that you have not wanted to wear, be ruthless and chuck it out while it’s all fresh in your mind .  Once you have done a major (or minor) cull you know you can pack your wardrobe away, knowing that when this season comes around again you’ve sorted it already whilst it was fresh in your mind.  At this late stage in the season whatever you buy should be transferable to the next season.  Examples below are two items I would pick being in a summer country.

This raffia clutch is great for a summer lunch with denim shorts and a kimono and would work brilliantly with a pair of black jeans and shirt in the winter.

Raffia Clutch

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 12.30.59

I also love this grey skirt, pair it with a tee and espadrilles now or with an exact grey tone match jumper and boots in winter – LOVE!

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.21.36

Outfit inspo for Winter and Summer to help you through, surely these simple yet stylish outfits can be built (or similar) from your existing staples!?!



Have a happy fashion week!



Summer Entertaining

I don’t actually think summer entertaining is easier than winter.  The only easier bit is being able to all be outdoors but other than that I think throwing a stew together or slow cooking a Tagine or Casserole in winter is far easier than all the little finger foods and delicate bites available for summer parties.  We recently had a fun evening with some of our neighbours, 3 couples in total, and we each hosted a course at our homes. We did the starter, then moved on to another house for the main and then another for dessert.  Bruce and I wanted to do something tasty but really easy and quick as we didnt want to pre-cook (well you can’t really with most starter foods) but we were expecting our guests shortly after bath/bed time for the boys so we had a bit of multi-tasking to do, getting them fed and ready for bed and having our dinner party food ready for our guests upon their arrival.

We opted for sticky chicken wings (sauce made from scratch obviously), prawn, mango and lime zest skewers and tomato and avocado bruschetta with basil and glazed balsamic.  We also made a summer cocktail of Vodka and Elderflower which was so refreshing (unfortunately no photo for that).

I didn’t do much in the way of decor.  What I’m finding in Summer is that it’s lovely to pick a colour and combine it with white, stick to two bright fresh summer colours and keeping it that simple always works.  The colourful array of summer fruits and veg available are also enough to bring brightness to your table, and its all about presentation!

Some of the ingredients for the food below – look at the beautiful colours!


Bruschetta with Avocado, Rosa Tomatoes, Basil and a drizzle of Balsamic glaze


Chilli Prawn & Mango skewers with lime zest


Sticky barbecue chicken wings


So after having thought summer parties were quite tricky, these delicious bites took us no time at all.  We did pre-prepare the sauce for the chicken wings but everything else was done minutes before, a slight juggling act, I would say you need two pairs of hands but its possible and totally worth the effort!

Hope you having a lovely summer, I can’t wait for our next party!