The Next Big Thing To Talk About

Now that Halloween is over can we talk about Christmas? Well apart from those that celebrate Thanksgiving, but Im certainly starting to peek at the decorations out the corner of my eye every time I walk by a display.  Well to tell you the truth I will just come out with it, I’ve already bought my first 3 additions for the tree!  Im such a sucker for anything sparkly and Christmassy.  I asked my oldest son (who was 2.5 years old) last Christmas to choose a decoration for the tree, it was such fun watching him search, take one and then change his mind and then I tried to sway his decisions too, the first thing he picked out was a really funny looking little scraggly felt dog, I guess that is what gives the tree character, anyway we came home with a reindeer and a scraggly looking dog.  I will turn this into a ritual until the boys are older and don’t find picking out a tree decoration that fun anymore, which will only be a few years away I suspect.

Last year my tree was filled with white, grey and a touch of red, and then of course the odd pink, yellow and red knitted socks from great gran and a kitsch purple liberty ball that somebody gave us amongst a few other weird things that we feel obliged to put up but generally I like to have a theme going. So for every strange looking decoration I buy another three to overshadow the bizarre bits and the theme never gets lost.  As this is our last winter in the UK I will probably keep the white and silver theme going as Im sure summer Christmas’s to come will be filled with neon and colour.

So far I’ve found a garland of small wire star fairy lights, a wreath in a heart shape of painted white berry’s and a little grey felt tree with a bit of white embroidery on it.  Two of my favourite places to buy decorations from are Paper Chase and The White Company who are, for me, are the epitome of Christmas. They do it so so well!  And actually I must mention Waitrose too, as whilst I walk around doing my shopping I always manage to chuck one in as if Im throwing in the usual pack of apples (it doesn’t make me feel like Im actually spending extra on unnecessary extras as it gets lost amongst the food shop.

Paper Chase do amazing wrap and ribbons too, their decorations are especially fun and different which is where I will take Oliver and Adam to again for picking out their tree decorations this year.  I have gathered a few of my favourites below and put them into their themes. All decorations featured are picked from Paperchase, John Lewis, The White Company and Liberty. Never right off your local supermarket, Ikea or a little independent store where I have picked up many little trinkets along the way.

The playful Neon Tree
The rustic winter tree
The Glamour Tree
Winter White Tree
Traditional Red, Green & White Tree

Well I won’t say Happy Holiday’s just yet but happy decoration hunting. Now we just need the trees to come out….(Big cheesy grin).

Had to share the Happy holiday’s caravan (below), one of the cutest I have come across which I might have to pop into my shopping basket next time!

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 19.54.20

Eating Elegantly

I love to set a table. We always sit at the table to eat our main meal but I will admit that I don’t always set the table for this daily event.  The lifestyles that we lead these days don’t allow for this, everything is always so rushed apart from on the weekend and some weekday evenings when I have the extra time and feel like going the extra mile.  Sitting down to an elegant table setting is magical. I’m lucky to say I have a husband that cooks amazingly well and he is so passionate about it.  He manages to turn a simple dish into something that tastes sensational.  So when he is cooking then I will happily busy myself digging out fun bits to decorate the table with. He’s been at home a lot lately so we have been eating very well (and the scale will confirm that).  I don’t think I’ve had a boring meal for some time now and I’m loving it!  Below are some gorgeous tableware essentials for various sittings.

A Beautiful Breakfast

A clean white breakfast table is so refreshing, especially as at breakfast the food can be so colourful with all the fruit that the best backdrop for this is simple. Although don’t get me wrong, if it’s summer alfresco dining at breakfast then a colourful table is my favourite.

Slide2Toast Rack Culinary Concepts // White printed glass Anthropologie // Double layer tablecloth Zara Home // Denby Silver Tableware John Lewis // Culinary Concepts Butter Dish John Lewis // White Cutlery Zara Home

Table for tea

I love to mix and match prints, not only in clothing but also with interiors, and the same rule applies in both cases. Mix prints but keep the tones the same.

Slide3Bowl Anthropologie // Napkins Anthropolgie // Antropologie Plate // Tea Cup Anthropologie // Studio Skye Silver teaspoon John Lewis

Dinner for two

Silver or gold cutlery is so elegant. Adding a wine bottle holder is a lovely touch and will save your table linen from any drips too. I love this Toile de Poulet fabric from Cabbages and Roses, they may not have table cloths or napkins made up in all their fabrics but just buy a piece and make it up yourself. I could use it throughout my house and although I LOVE floral fabric I find this slightly more elegant.  Pretty glasses are really important, or at least good sparkly glasses, once the dishwasher salt stains start to appear on glass they are no longer table quality.

Slide1Sophie Conran Portmeirion Platter at John Lewis // Wine bottle holder Culinary Concepts John Lewis // Toile de Poulet fabric Cabbages and Roses //  Paloma Cocktail Glass John Lewis // Spindle Cutlery Anthropologie

Perhaps some of these items will inspire you for weekend entertaining. Happy Friday!