Grateful for a Getaway

Have you ever had a debate in your head (or with someone) if it’s a better idea to go on summer holidays at the start of summer or at the end. Obviously one at each end and perhaps another in the middle would be the most ideal…but that is not always possible.  The days of frequent travelling (are not over) but are just not as straight forward anymore now that we have two little ones and a lot more difficult to plan.  School holiday’s don’t affect us yet so we are lucky to be able to escape the mayhem (and cost) that peak season and school holiday dates bring.

Part of me feels that the pre- summer hype and the “what to buy” – have you got your sunscreen, the marine friendly one that is also organic and suitable to protect your sensitive skin from the prickly heat feeling (?!?), the sunglasses to match the bikinis from day to day, the must have rough roundie (aka, a generously sized round beach towel – super cool) and whatever else is on the “hot” list….. is it almost all pointless come September, I feel like it’s all past it’s sell by date as we read about the Autumn trends coming into store…

On the other hand, everything is on sale, even sunscreen! So we save more by stocking up on our summer goodies in the sales and our holiday’s in the same villa’s and hotels that others paid extortionate prices for in July and August are half the price in September, plus what’s better than the late summer sun in Europe, the sea water is warm, the unbearable heat has passed, and the tempretures are somewhere between 25 and 28 degrees rather than 30 – 38!

And now is a good time to add, that if we are ever complaining about the time of year we go on holiday, then we have our priorities completely wangled, we’re lucky to even use the word in our vocabulary. Some people around the world wouldn’t know what a holiday feels like. Lets get excited for our holidays no matter when or where they are and thank our lucky stars that we have the freedom to travel!  This is what I’m finding inspirational right now for my impending vacation.

Long lazy lunches

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Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 09.19.43

Happy holiday’s to anyone going off on one soon


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Holiday Packing Made Easy

With Easter nearly upon us there are lots of you travelling around the globe, whether you are staying fairly local or going abroad doesn’t change your packing dilemmas….sometimes we pack in such a rush that what tends to happen is you chuck in all your favourite things but don’t actually think about what you going to wear those heart print shorts! If you cant be bothered to plan and think ahead about each day then a great idea is to pack a palette of colours that you can mix and match and that way just about everything in your suitcase should be able to be matched up more than once.  The other difficulty is when you are going somewhere during Spring or Autumn and the weather can be so changeable and unpredictable that you don’t know whether (no pun intended) to pack for warm or cold, and as it’s April, no matter where you are headed that’s bound to be a problem as in most parts of the world with a few exceptions (of major season changes) its either going to be Spring or Autumn.

Hopefully this will inspire your packing woes, if they exist! I have included the following:

6 tops, 2 shorts, 2 pairs of trousers (incl jeans), 2 light weight jackets for in-between weather, 2 small bags (easily packable), 4 pairs of shoes and 3 dresses (which can be dressed up or down), a scarf and I have included a lace bra (obviously you would pack extra underwear). Bearing in mind you would travel in one of these outfits and you would most likely wear the jeans, a long sleeve top, a jacket, shoes, the scarf (because it always gets chilly on airplanes) and the cross body bag for keeping passports, phone and wallet close by and safe. So already you have minimised the items in your suitcase by quite a bit. There are even more outfit combos than I have put together below but there would just be way too many to show them all, but you get the idea…..don’t be overwhelmed by all these combinations, basically there are a few items and everything goes with everything, simple!

Shop items here! Scarf – Lily & Lionel Trilogy // AG jeans Trilogy // Grey long sleeve American Vintage Trilogy // Punched – out eyelet shorts J Crew // Clutch Mango // White Satin edged Velvet Chazmino Top Question-air // Navy Linen Sleeveless Dress Question-air //  Striped Essentiel Top Question-air // Asymmetric Hem Dress Mango // Black Fringe Top Mango // Orange Spaghetti strap top Mango // Topshop Lace Bra  // White Pocket Tee Topshop // Joggers Topshop // Black Leather Cross Body Bag Cos // Black Knot tie dress Zara // Espadrilles Topshop // Gladiator Sandals Mango // Heeled Sandals Topshop // Denim shorts Topshop // Black Leather Ankle Boots Topshop // MDK Leather Jacket Question-air // Parka London Question-air





Shorts Outfit Smart or Casual
Shorts Outfit, warm or cooler weather appropriate
Jeans outfit with changeable shoes for cooler weather
Jeans day to night outfit, add heels and a jacket for evening!
Jeans go with every top packed in your bag as well as all shoes, not shown here!
Casual trousers can be dressed up or down, day to night!
For a slightly more formal occasion, this dress can also be dressed down.
Swap your day dress and shoes for an evening look or just for something warmer, wear ankle boots.

Beach Basics – Less is More

Every year when we go away on holiday, I always, always overpack! And whenever the next trip arises, I seem to forget how much of my suitcase went unused the last time we went away.  I find especially on beach holidays, this is always the case! This time my husband said to me, we are taking 1 suitcase (between 3 of us)!!!! 20kg’s!!!!! My response: are you crazy… and started rattling off everything I needed to pack for Oliver, but I was actually panicking more about what I could pack for myself.  Then I remembered how little we actually use when we go to the beach, cozzies, and not much else is actually needed. I am also now pregnant again so hardly anything fits me, that was another saver as I literally had to pack what I could get into (not much). I have compiled a few holiday essentials for the average girl out there planning a chilled beach holiday with no dressing up.. 😉

You don’t need more than 3 sunblocks, one for the entire family, one for the face, this Clarins one we love as it’s non oily and works really well.  I like a spray for my body rather than cream, its easier and quicker to apply. When it comes to make-up, as with everything else, less is more.  All you need is a tinted moisturiser and a good lip balm.  Forget the mascara, blusher, hair spray etc, it all slides off in the heat anyway and sea water does wonders to give you those bouncy beach curls. Do ensure to condition everyday to protect the hair.

Slide3Family Ultrasun Sunblock // Clarins Anti-wrinkle sunblock for face // Shiseido Sun Protection // Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream SPF15 // Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser

2 or 3 bikinis/costumes is ample. Make sure you can mix and match the tops and bottoms and it will feel like you are wearing a different one everyday. I always take more bottoms and maybe two tops but make sure the bottoms can go with all the tops. Get a mix and match of your favourite tones going.



Lowrider Bottoms in a range of colours J.Crew //  Assorted Bikini Tops and Bottoms J.Crew // Yellow Bikini briefs J.Crew // Black Bikini Topshop // Gingham Raspberry Bikini Topshop // Peonie Floral Bandeau Topshop

Dress or playsuit cover ups are easy to pack and it means you are packing one item rather than tops and bottoms. Easy to throw on too when going from beach to restaurant.


Triangle Cut out Sundress Topshop // Washed Lime Twist Front Tunic Topshop //  Playsuit Asos

Shoes, Hats, Accessories etc. Use your beach bag/basket as your hand luggage, as they are nice and big you can chuck a lot in there.  Wear your clumpiest shoes for the journey (my feet also get cold on aeroplanes so I always like to wear closed shoes). Wear all your accessories and your hat 😉 These sarong’s are the best, they are so useful, can be used to lie on at the beach, dry yourself with them, use it as a scarf/pashmina or just as a sarong. I have gazillions of them in different colours but really you just need one.

Denim shorts are just like jeans for summer. They are an investment! You will wear them year after year. Find a good pair that suit your figure. They come in so many different lengths and styles and like jeans can be dressed up or down, worn with heels or flats and never crease or show the dirt.

Slide5Sunglasses Ray Ban Asos // Espadrilles Asos // Flip Flops Havaianas at Selfridges // Straw floppy hat Asos // Sarong Bohemian Beach Company //  Grey Basket Bag Notonthehighstreet // Denim Shorts Current Elliot at Selfridges

Hope you have something wonderful planned for your summer