Knowing your Colour Palette

A few weeks ago you may have read my post on a capsule wardrobe.  I had mentioned that I would be testing out a small wardrobe myself by selecting a maximum of 15 items, and only wear those 15 by mixing and matching.  Unfortunately due to the unpredictable climate that I live in, this didn’t work too well as I selected my 15 for the season we were in but our temps ranged from 16 to 31 degrees within a week!  So I cheated by then pulling in a few winter woolies and swapping out light weight pants for warmer jeans, but having been trialling it here and there since, where I can, I have definitely found my ideal colour palette (I think I knew this all along but having been conscious of it has just reaffirmed what I always knew).  Knowing your palette is probably one of the first steps to a capsule wardrobe as everything needs to be able to mix and match.  Then on top of these basic items (or some of them may not be that basic, but statement) still falling within the palette.  You will then have your velvet skirt, sequinned top, camo jacket, leopard print heels etc to add the fun and interest to your outfits. Sometimes you may add trend items but statement pieces aren’t necessarily always trend items.  A sequin top for example is a statement piece but you can keep if for years and wear it season after season without it dating.  An example of a trend now would be an off the shoulder dress, or a ruffled wrap canary yellow skirt.  Trends will come and go, you will adjust your wardrobe every season to chuck out the dated or overused shoe, bring in the floral tea dress, the canary yellow skirt etc, but the base of your wardrobe will remain the same.  The denim shirt, the striped t-shirt, the grey jumper will always remain (until they grow balls and develop holes 😉 )

I favour blues, whites and grey’s.  I definitely wear a few shades of green, sometimes black, pinks and creams or beiges but mainly stick to my palette of blues and whites.

Here are a couple of links to some seasonal items that you would bring in as your statement or interesting items, but that would not date too fast from one season to the next and further below some inspirational pics of what basic outfits from a staple wardrobe look like and wouldn’t change too much from one year to the next.

Screenshot 2017-07-20 10.04.28
Silver Velvet Skirt
Screenshot 2017-07-20 10.05.38
Striped Frill Sleeve Tea Dress


Screenshot 2017-07-20 10.07.20
Floral Bag
Screenshot 2017-07-20 10.09.16
Red Embroidered Blouse
Screenshot 2017-07-20 10.13.58
Black Embroidered Kimono 


Screenshot 2017-07-20 14.58.05
Beaded Clutch


Screenshot 2017-07-20 10.19.47
Lace Top


Screenshot 2017-07-20 10.38.44

Screenshot 2017-07-20 10.39.35Screenshot 2017-07-20 14.33.47


Neutrals – a capsule wardrobe

Summer is definitely not over and we don’t want to think about cooler days just yet but the thing with fashion is it’s every day life and as we plan trips, functions and life ahead we automatically start to think about next season’s wardrobe and how to do trans-seasonal dressing effortlessly.

An easy palette to lend towards when transitioning from Summer to Autumn is a neutral one.  We’ve hopefully got a bit of colour from the summer holidays or just summer in general, and nothing shows off neutral better than a bit of a tan.

Build a capsule wardrobe out of these trans-seasonal basics and incorporate them easily into your existing wardrobe.

The Regent Blazer – wear with….

Slide1Regent Blazer in beige J Crew // Striped Jumper Zara // Black Trousers Zara // Lace Up Pumps Warehouse

The Wrap Blouse – so versatile, dress it up or down, wear it with….Slide2The Ultimate Wrap Blouse Topshop // Jeans Zara // Mock Crock Bag Zara // Leopard print pumps Warehouse

The Grey Round Neck Jumper – wear it with….

Slide3Grey Jumper J Crew // Dungarees Atterley Road // Boho Clutch Mango // Calf hair espadrilles Jigsaw

Black Leather Sandals – wear with…..


Sunglasses Le Specs // Black Sandals Atterley Road // Patchwork Dress Warehouse

Black Tapered Trousers with waist tie – wear with….


Trousers Y.A.S from Atterley Road // Shoes Atterley Road // Open work Top Zara

There it is, fed on a spoon! 😉