As a personal stylist I’m highly focused on ensuring my client feels completely at ease throughout the process. The result should be one of extreme enjoyment and excitement for dressing up each day, be it for work, shopping, an event, or just general errands around town, he or she should always feel fabulous!

—I dress everyone from businessmen and women across all levels, to mums at home with their children or returning to work and anybody that feels they need help in an area they are out of touch with or possibly just don’t have the time for.  Having worked in the corporate world for many years and being a mum myself I understand the different lifestyles and each individuals daily needs, dressing correctly for your job whatever it may be, inspires confidence.
I provide a bespoke service to each individual, so whether you need to start with a wardrobe consultation and go all the way to the outfit building session, or you just want help shopping for the upcoming season, I will tailor my service to suit each client.  If you have the correct clothes in your closet, then daily dressing will be fun and effortless, feeling gorgeous and confident on a daily basis is a necessity not a luxury!
“I’ve been shopping all my life and I still have nothing to wear!”
Does that sound familiar?
To find out more or to book a consultation please contact me here or send an email to

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