Outfits on repeat

I’m finding the spring weather to be (as usual) extremely tricky to dress for. It’s feeling a lot colder on both ends of each day with a shorter warm period over midday. So for me it’s either a skirt and long sleeves (preferably jersey thickness) or jeans/trousers and a blouse and most often than not closed sneakers over open shoes.

This heavy weight cotton blouse is old from Country Road that I have rediscovered in my wardrobe this year and enjoyed teaming it with different items. These wide leg lightweight khaki pants are so comfortable from Mango and I brought in more navy with my Mulberry cross body bag and Adidas originals.
Last seasons shirred waist midi skirt from Mango with a boxy cut blouse from Zara, Converse high tops and my old trusty Cos sling bag.
A pilates outfit which even needs a scarf for the early mornings whilst I brace open shoes as it’s a barefoot class. I adore these leopard print leggings from Woolworths matched up with all the same tones in various prints. Bralette from Woolworths, linen vest and black cotton long sleeve top both from H&M, scarf Trenery and old Bio sandals from Woven Green.
I’ve had a picture in my daily dressing Pinterest board for years, of a yellow skirt that I love! This is not quite the yellow tone but as it’s something I’m still on the hunt for I thought I’d snap up this one from Woolworths (this season). I have teamed it with a white linen shirt, black sling bag from Cos and my super comfortable K-way strops (last season).
Not a great shot (I suppose like all of them) but these trousers are literally on weekly repeat. Soft warm cotton from Zara, black cotton tee from Country Road (the one I bought a few weeks ago if you watched my shopping reel), a loose fitting trench coat from Topshop which I’ve owned for about 10 years, leopard print sandals from Woolworths and again my old faithful Cos bag.
Back to the Mango skirt and here I’ve made her into a funkier look with a Mickey Mouse tee from H&M, converse high tops and a chunky grandad cardigan from Woolies.
A balloon sleeved cotton blouse with a little yellow flower print from Exotic Marigold paired with high waisted jeans and I brought in a touch more yellow with my adidas originals and finished the combo off with an old Celine tan leather bag.

I am still going to make it my mission to get better images. Everything in my day at the moment is done in one gigantic rush so for now this is it. Hopefully it’s enough to inspire you for another outfit idea.
Lets hope summer arrives sooner than later.
Hope you’re all having a wonderful week. X

Double Denim-ing…Again

Double denim is having a major moment again. Its a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it! I find it to be quite masculine sometimes, so if you are like me and don’t like such a hard cowboy western type look, then there are ways of feminising it by the denim items one chooses. Perhaps a denim shirt with frills or a denim skirt with a shirt is a great look, add heels and a belt to break it up. There are actually many different denim styled blouses to choose from so the options are certainly available and easy to do.

Have some fun, I think its quite a statement of a style which shows you’re fashion forward. Also remember double denim doesn’t mean it all needs to be tonal either, mix up denim colours using white, grey or black jeans for a less obvious look. Will you be wearing it or not? Comment below, I’d love to hear everyones opinion.

Feminise your look with the pretty oversized collar and frill trim from Mango
The traditional western style denim shirt can be paired with black or white denim for a subtle look from Levis
This mandarin collared denim shirt has lovely gathered shoulder and a yolk for an extra feminine feel by Mango

Thats my round up of a few denim shirts with a difference. I have added some outfit inspiration below. Hope you all have a lovely week x

Hot Weather Dressing

Hello again, it has been a while! Is anyone else finding the heat unbearable as well as dressing for it? As much as I love a top bottom combo as its a little more interesting, I have to say throwing on a light and floaty dress is the answer at the moment. Here are some of my pics for easy throw on options that look great on most body shapes.

Black cotton knit Superbalist
Tencel Kaftan Dress Asha Eleven
Witchery Tiered Dress
SALE Country Road French Linen Dress
Organic Cotton Dress Superbalist
SALE Mango

All these styles and fabrics are long lasting and durable which means maximum wear over the summer months and you will notice I have only picked one print. Whilst I am drawn to beautiful printed fabric I find I get bored of it quicker, down to the fact that a dress is only one item to wear, it cannot really be mixed and matched (obviously), limiting the style mix up to shoes and accessories only. I find in order to get maximum wear out of my dresses they need to be mostly plain with the odd print thrown in for interest. For on trend looks now, add a pair of Strops or chunky sandals and slops with wide straps and an on trend shape sunglasses. Woven bags and hats are always a lovely extra addition for summer. If your bag is a sling bag, it will cinch in areas of your upper body to highlight a slimmer you! I have added two shoe options below to give you an example of an on trend sandal to elevate the look, however any slip on sandals or slops work well with these dresses depending on your own personal style.
Slides Country Road
Quilted Strops Woolworths

I hope you enjoyed this post and look out for my dress looks on IG soon! x

An Epiphany

I haven’t set foot onto this platform since the last article I wrote in January 2020 Serotonin, Style & Sustainability

Strangely when I decided to revisit my website this morning, I landed on this article Life’s Little Treasure’s , I had a read through and it dawned on me that I have nearly done (or in fact I absolutely have) done full circle and am right back where I was when writing it. When I wrote Life’s Little Treasure’s I had an 8 month old and a 3year old. I now have an 11 month old and a 3 year old, plus the two older ones who are now 6 and 9. Reading this post over is like listenting to myself all over again. Im still in the trenches with little people, I still get bored only doing Mum duties (sorry I can’t lie and I know Im not the only one). Yes it’s only a season, mine has definitely felt like an ongoing season, and I’m still obsessed with Style in general, whether it’s fashion or interiors. I read the article with the biggest grin as every detail still resonates with me six years later and it amazed me. So perhaps we never get the perfect balance of work home life until our children are in their teen years and require less of our time, who knows, but I have to say it was somewhat heart warming and hilarious and also completely unbelievable reading this and feeling like I am back in exactly the same place once again. Who knew I would go on to have 4 children!

Have a read here if you’re interested to hear what I’m talking about.

Sometimes it’s good to go back in time and just remember how you felt and look at where you’ve ended up. In my case not far off but in a very different more experienced space.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Serotonin, Style & Sustainability

This happens to me, I wake up and all of a sudden have an urgency to write about something that has been pulling on my heart strings (without having realised it).  The upside is I get so excited I don’t waste timing putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), the downside is, I don’t plan the post, which means you lot could end up reading a lot of babble…

Over my years of styling various people in various careers and walks of life, as well as following my own journey of ups and downs, one thing I have come to realise is that no matter where you are at or what you are doing we all benefit from feeling good.  Ive been through periods of feeling great, possibly because Im fit and healthy, and other times of feeling really miserable about myself, probably because Im going through a slump, not keeping up with exercise and poor diet.  That’s step one, feeling good from within.  Following closely on the heels of step one is looking good, dressing well! Whether I’m fit or not I need to maintain a level of style in my life otherwise I begin to feel even worse.  Ive noticed when I have let myself go a little on the dressing front I really do feel awful.  I totally can see how I’ve let this slide over the last couple of years and I’ve decided this year, whilst I certainly don’t have a new wardrobe to parade, I’m going to try and be clever and think out the box, whilst Ive adapted to a more classical look (for simplicity) I will try to add a (teeny tiny) edge to give it a touch of “me”, and these small efforts, I know will boost my happiness.  I will be trying my best to get fit and eat cleaner (mental note to self – stop eating children’s leftovers).  Ive seen it through so many women, how taking care of appearances boosts confidence and happiness.  Everyone has their own level of standards and they know when they are at their best or worst.  I could feel amazing in myself but to others out there look very average (hopefully nobody would tell me that – haha) and visa versa, but if you’re healthy and fresh faced then you should shine from the inside out and that counts for everything.  Once you’ve started with your body and mind you then move onto wardrobe and dressing well, present yourself well to show you care.  So that rounds up the bit about confidence and serotonin.

Next up is style.  Style is a very personal thing, Im sure everyone knows that.  Everyone has their own style and way of expressing this.  Style is not stepping out in the latest Zara/Topshop/Country Road and H&M haul, very far from it.  It is a slow and progressive collection of pieces that build up a wardrobe of pieces that you should always love.  They should be able to be worn with confidence and ease, if you ever feel uncomfortable in something, it’s not you, take it off and get rid of it.  Sell it, pass it on, alter it. Being trendy is not stylish! Dressing to suit your character is a good start although there are many women and men out there who battle with what works for them and will seek advice which is a great start.  I certainly don’t try and do my accounts, Im hopeless, so somebody else does that bit.  I do the parts I love and feel capable of doing and that is what we should all be doing.  Seek advice or help in the areas where you lack the ability to do it yourself.  My aim this year is to feel like Im trying my best from a wardrobe front (next mental note to self, try ditch all my t-shirt wearing and certainly NO more Havaianas every day)… if I want to wear a t-shirt, Im going to put it with something really striking at the bottom (haha lets see how this unfolds).  A friend popped in yesterday and said, wow look at you, is this just you strolling around in your best.  I have been “trying” a little harder this week, wearing bits that haven’t had a look-in in forever! So Im pleased to to say it never went unnoticed.  I’ve often had compliments on pieces that I’ve worn that are really old, but that’s where choosing a timeless shape helps as it doesn’t look outdated in 3 years.  That’s the bit about Style…

Now onto sustainability.  Like many others that share the same values out there, Ive become extremely conscious of our human footprint on this planet and Im desperate to be less of a consumer and more of a recycler.  We can all do little bits which will add up to a lot.  My goals for this year are to grow as many of my own veg as possible, buy less plastic, not purchase one plastic water bottle, I will continue to recycle all my rubbish as we have done for years and use earth friendly cleaning products (in fact vinegar is best, but Im not quite there yet). Being fully sustainable is quite a task and can be very overwhelming when thinking about absolutely everything we can and cant do, so baby steps makes me feel better and less stressed by it all.  Whilst there’s no way I will never ever buy another item from a high street store again, I am taking the saying “Buy Less.  Choose well. Make it last.” literally. (Thanks Viveinne Westwood).  When buying a dress for a wedding or special occasion, choose something that really suits you and that you absolutely LOVE so you will want to wear it for years to come.  Choose classic tailoring, simple sneakers, coats and jackets that suit your frame as well as being timeless. AND if you can buy from small business’s that are using sustainable practices & fabrics as well as having ethical values.  Choose raffia, straw, cotton or vegan material handbags over leather.

So how do these three topics all roll into one another? Well its simple.  Feel good, care about yourself, increase your serotonin levels by starting with the your health and fitness.  Style in turn makes you feel better, care about your appearance and I can promise you, the amount of people that I have seen transform in front of my eyes has been extremely gratifying.  Do good for your planet where you can and feel better about making a difference.  Transform yourself but be sustainable at the same time, choose carefully and don’t get sucked into consumerism, chasing the next trend.  Sure, from year to year you may want to update your wardrobe from the chunky knit to the twin set but generally trends like that last at least two seasons (so two years) before feeling the need to switch things around. Small updates can make all the difference and if you choose the classic version of a trend it’s likely to go the distance.  Keep it Simple! But hey, this is nothing you haven’t heard before, right 😉

I leave you with some of my favourite classic looks (most have been on my Pinterest boards for years, at least 3-4, and I still love them), so it shows, choose well, it lasts.

Have a fabulous week ahead everyone.

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 12.55.30

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 12.53.44

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 12.51.46

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 12.44.25

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 12.49.56

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 12.53.07

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 12.42.50

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 12.56.21

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 12.57.58

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 12.49.21

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 12.50.51

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 12.46.44

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 12.58.33

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