Double Denim-ing…Again

Double denim is having a major moment again. Its a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it! I find it to be quite masculine sometimes, so if you are like me and don’t like such a hard cowboy western type look, then there are ways of feminising it by the denim items one chooses. Perhaps a denim shirt with frills or a denim skirt with a shirt is a great look, add heels and a belt to break it up. There are actually many different denim styled blouses to choose from so the options are certainly available and easy to do.

Have some fun, I think its quite a statement of a style which shows you’re fashion forward. Also remember double denim doesn’t mean it all needs to be tonal either, mix up denim colours using white, grey or black jeans for a less obvious look. Will you be wearing it or not? Comment below, I’d love to hear everyones opinion.

Feminise your look with the pretty oversized collar and frill trim from Mango
The traditional western style denim shirt can be paired with black or white denim for a subtle look from Levis
This mandarin collared denim shirt has lovely gathered shoulder and a yolk for an extra feminine feel by Mango

Thats my round up of a few denim shirts with a difference. I have added some outfit inspiration below. Hope you all have a lovely week x

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