An Epiphany

I haven’t set foot onto this platform since the last article I wrote in January 2020 Serotonin, Style & Sustainability

Strangely when I decided to revisit my website this morning, I landed on this article Life’s Little Treasure’s , I had a read through and it dawned on me that I have nearly done (or in fact I absolutely have) done full circle and am right back where I was when writing it. When I wrote Life’s Little Treasure’s I had an 8 month old and a 3year old. I now have an 11 month old and a 3 year old, plus the two older ones who are now 6 and 9. Reading this post over is like listenting to myself all over again. Im still in the trenches with little people, I still get bored only doing Mum duties (sorry I can’t lie and I know Im not the only one). Yes it’s only a season, mine has definitely felt like an ongoing season, and I’m still obsessed with Style in general, whether it’s fashion or interiors. I read the article with the biggest grin as every detail still resonates with me six years later and it amazed me. So perhaps we never get the perfect balance of work home life until our children are in their teen years and require less of our time, who knows, but I have to say it was somewhat heart warming and hilarious and also completely unbelievable reading this and feeling like I am back in exactly the same place once again. Who knew I would go on to have 4 children!

Have a read here if you’re interested to hear what I’m talking about.

Sometimes it’s good to go back in time and just remember how you felt and look at where you’ve ended up. In my case not far off but in a very different more experienced space.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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