Floor Quandary 

So as promised here’s the latest update of our renovation (or really just a floor update, hardly a renovation yet. Lord help me when that happens as I could barely cope with the sandpit of the last few days 😳)

The carpets have been pulled and the floors sanded. We’re now in a bit of a pickle with what to do with our patchwork floor. It turns out after sanding all the varnish off we have three different types of wood making up our parquet flooring section of the house. Teak, Yellow wood and Walnut. (or four if we include the wood in the entrance just to throw another cat amongst the pigeons) 

I love the walnut wood which of course, is the smallest strip in the room, where the rooms join up. I don’t like red teak at all and infact I’m allergic to any red in a home (just my personal opinion). Because the teak is so dark we cannot stain it a lighter colour so we can really only go very dark. I love dark (almost black) floors with white walls but I just am not feeling it for this particular space. I’ve looked online for painted parquet flooring but haven’t come across anything spectacular. I also feel the paint cheapens the wood. It seems a shame to paint such valuable materials.  

My husband is quite keen to paint as he doesn’t like the dark all that much. So we could either paint lighter, convince Bruce to go dark, or pull up the flooring, sell the parquet and lay something different entirely (which could result in a very irritated husband that then puts a stop to any further work 😳) 

View of all the four different floor colours we have going on ….

The wall to the left will be knocked out creating an open plan kitchen/dining/tv lounge area. So we will then have another floor in the mix 🤔 

Dark floors against white walls look very chic, but it feels quite formal. I also feel you need a very large space to go dark other wise it will feel closed in and darker….see ideas below. 

Then a whitewashed look… not my favourite but this is what Bruce prefers. I guess the floor would need to be painted a grey-ish colour and then covered in a white wash ?!? Not even sure if a possibility with the red teak. 

A white floor always looks nice but I know it is very high maintence as we did it in our London loft. The white turns cream and needs to be repainted on quite a regular basis.  I also think the gentleman doing our flooring would shed a tear everytime he lays a coat as he’s a real wood naturalist. 


When googling white parquet floors, pretty much nothing comes up as it’s just not done. Perhaps we will be one of the very few resulting in a rather unique interior 😉 

If any of you reading have any ideas, suggestions, advice, experience please throw them at me. I would love to hear. 

I’m now off to the Wood & Timber Warehouse to see what I can find. 

Happy Saturday 


3 thoughts on “Floor Quandary 

  1. Hey, loving your blogs on your new year- fresh start! I’m really interested to see what you are going to do with the floor, I’m really stumped on what I would do! Good luck… x


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