Getting Crafty @ Christmas

Second Christmas post in two days and third in a week.  I’m not going to apologise as this is what Christmas is all about, getting festive, excitement, talking about it, thinking about it and generally just going a bit OTT, and potentially stressing about it (if you’re me and terribly disorganised this year). I have never been this disorganised for Christmas I’m ashamed to say. I’m always the one who’s done their shopping throughout the year and finished by October with a few more Christmassy additions to get in November ! Well this year I’m not. And I’ve been thinking all week “shit balls it is December on Thursday” but then forgetting about it again. So once again this afternoon whilst on the beach it dawned on me (for the 40th time this week) that December is now in fact upon us and amongst many things I haven’t sorted the advent calendar for my boys that I wanted to make.  Not being able to do a thing about it then and there I started racking my brain and said to my friend, I need a piece of plank, she looked at me wondering what the heck this woman is on about and then I explained. So when I got home I went in search of my plank, found a nice white painted piece lying in the store room, but sadly was not going to be big enough, continued my search and came across two pieces of framed canvases that I’d had lying around all year (as you do…not !)

Bashing away in the laundry where I know my kids never seem to enter  

I decided these would be perfect for my base. Next, went rummaging through my Christmas box, (it’s a wonderful thing to have and saves all last minute projects like this one) I found my little pegs that I’d used for an advent calendar two years ago that I’d completely forgotten about. Grabbed some red and natural twine, hammered some nails into the wooden frame at the back, tied the twine on and clipped on my pegs. Now for the little gift bags and tomorrow’s gift (it’s 6pm) 🤔 I figured well I could make tomorrow’s out of wrapping paper (but I’m certainly not making 48 of them) so tomorrow I will need to squeeze in a dash to pick up some little bags.

My little bags made from wrapping paper

And the gift, well I found a few sticker packs in my Christmas box so those will be tomorrow’s gifts. Phew 😅 advent calendar sorted in the nick of time. Now to fill the last 23 remaining bags 😬

So I had to split the calendar across two boards, but it means when we depart for the beach cottage on the 10th I can ditch the first half – perfect, slightly less to pack! 

Tomorrow is Christmas biscuit baking day with friends and an old German gingerbread recipe.  And so the festive season begins!

Hope you all have a very Merry Festive Season 🎄


2 thoughts on “Getting Crafty @ Christmas

  1. Thank you for a fantastic blog Nikki, you got me baking a batch of rusks for a precious, elderly friend and i know she will love them xxx wish i could have the fruity shoes 😦
    Wishing you and your family a blessed Xmas x


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