Holiday Season Clutch Bags

The clutch bag has its pro’s and cons but it really can take an outfit from plain and simple to the next level of interesting and fashionable.  I love the way it can add so much colour and statement to an outfit without being overpowering.  Its usually the perfect size for just your phone, keys and a wallet and it’s light to cart around.  Down side I would say is when you’re at a party, you have a glass of Champagne in one hand, your clutch in the other and then you are completely tied up when you are introduced to someone so cant shake their hand.  I quite like having one hand free at all times to put into a pocket (instant relaxant) or pick at the canapés (as one does).  When I’m on a trip away from the children I always pack clutch bags, its always the best time to utilise them, you also don’t want extra baggage in the way of hand bags as you would normally need.  I used my Leopard print clutch bag throughout the day and night to add that bit of pop to my outfits, unless I was working, then it was a cross body bag all the way for me (frees the hands up completely).

Here are some fun clutch bags to add to your wardrobe selection, holiday season is always the time to invest in these pieces as there are more lunches, dinners, drinks to go to and another great pro is that if you keep your wallet and keys in your clutch, you can then chuck the entire thing into your bigger travel or beach bag for ease of searching for smaller items.

Leopard Print fold-over as link above

A metallic bag is great for evenings and weddings and goes with almost anything

Metallic Scalloped Edge Clutch

Hop onboard the velvet, embroidered floral and teal trend with this beautifully finished off evening bag.  I love the mixture of colours here, this would look absolutely gorgeous with a pale pink or red dress.

Teal Velvet Clutch

This one is pretty versatile, it’s as easy to throw into your beach bag without worrying about it as it is to wear out in the evening. A real beach to bar bag.

Textured Clutch Bag

A Black Evening Bag is essential for the wardrobe, so I would suggest finding one that is classic and good quality that will last.

Leather large Clutch Bag

Another fun summer clutch that will add style to your look.  Easy to wear with denim shorts and slides or pair it up with a formal dress to take to a wedding, the character of the bag will enhance the elegance of a formal dress to make the outfit interesting.

Woven colourful clutch

A nude bag is always handy for all occasions so again investing in a classic simple style is a good idea.  I adore this one, with the added bonus of three separate pockets, allowing for that little extra space and versatility.

Nude Clutch with tassel

This one being leather means its going to last longer and probably a bit more versatile, I would totally carry this one around during the day, with the handy wrist strap attached.

Striped Leather Clutch 

There are so many out there to choose from, ensure you have two classic styles in neutral colours and then a couple less expensive fun ones to change through the seasons.  Clutch bags have really gone wacky so don’t be shy when choosing.

And as always I love to share some inspirational pics just to show you what it can do for an outfit.  Happy Shopping


Pics via Pinterest

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