Time Out

Time Out – not in the punishment sense but in the mummy sense!  Im not a mummy blogger (well, Im a mummy and I blog occasionally) but I don’t blog about kids and mum stuff.  Hats off to those that do, I think it must be one of the hardest pieces of advice to give with everyone being so different, so judgemental and just different people leading such different lives and dealing with such different personalities.  Anyway as some of you know or may have gathered I recently took a little trip to London for a week, this was to see some of my clients and I’m happy to say I got a fair amount of work done!  And to also catch up with some very dear friends that I miss terribly.  I was away from my kids and husband for 10 nights with all the travelling time I was only in London for 7 days.  I sometimes wonder if there are people that judge that sort of travel away from small children.  Whilst people pretend its awesome, they’re secretly thinking in their head “I cant believe she left her kids for 10 days”.  I know most of my friends definitely do NOT think that, they all know about healthy breaks away but there are always those that probably do judge (and who cares, that’s life I guess).  Well I have to say it was THE most refreshing and inspiring time away and exactly what I needed.  I came back with a new perspective on work, energy to put into my kids and a healthy break from my husband (you know all that, absence makes the heart grow fonder malarkey, well its true). I missed everyone profusely and had my guilty moments but having come back feeling like I have a new lease on life is a very welcome feeling.

My first two days away from the boys were probably the hardest and while I thought by the end of the week I would literally be crying for them, I was actually enjoying my time away and not too sad as time got closer to being with them again, it all felt ok.  It also helped that my time was jam packed so it went really fast.

I also know that not everyone is fortunate enough to have the support around them to leave their kiddies for a trip away.  I have to say the biggest thank you has to go to my wonderful parents who are always so happy to have our children and not only take good care of them but really show them the best time, its like a holiday for my kids, they adore my parents and just love being around them, so I have the luxury of knowing that I don’t really need to worry.  They don’t only take our boys but are happy to take our two puppies on board too (crazy people 😉  Their cousins are also just down the road, so they spend hours playing outdoors and Oliver has told me long stories about what they have done, even the most simplest of things for instance, the thorns that he and Adam got in their feet and Thamkhulu pulled them out for them.  I don’t even know who Thamkhulu is but I just love learning all these new things that they have done and experienced whilst Ive been away.

I must now confess that I have no idea what this post is really about, I’m certainly not trying to give advice, its not gloating about time away, it’s not really inspirational for anyone, but it was just at the forefront of my mind today and I thought I may as well write whilst Im feeling inspired 😉

If you have ever worried about leaving your children for a couple of nights, I can honestly say you are doing both them and yourself the world of good, you will return with energy and rearing to go.  The non stop cuddles on return alone, are worth the time spent away 😉  If you aren’t able to get away for a night then even a few hours, reading a magazine, getting a pedicure or literally just hanging out in a cafe, time to oneself is so important.  There’s something incredible about walking out with a phone and a wallet and absolutely nothing else.  DO IT!

And this is us, straight back into the crazy antics post bath time.  Trying to dress my toddler whilst being tugged by my eldest (who’s actually trying to help me pull Adam back up the stairs !?!?), this is just one of the crazy fun times and many challenges I face with these kiddies on a daily basis and just adore every minute of it (even more now that Im so grateful to be back with them).


Hope you all have a fab week (with a moment to yourself at some point)


PS you see, two posts in two days – winning!!

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