A Summer Trend you cannot miss!

Tassels, tassels, more tassels and pom-poms! They can be spotted everywhere, from bags, to earrings, to skirt hems.  This trend is out in force and luckily for all (if you’re a fan of a trend that is) everyone can pull off a tassel (or a pom-pom) in one way or another.

Tassels and Pom-poms on a beach bag, sandals or accessories will suit everyone, hanging off the bottom of your trousers or a mini skirt probably won’t.  This trend is not so much body or age specific but more personality specific.  If you do love a tassel or a pom-pom there are so many ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe that are completely inexpensive, you won’t mind having to throw them out come the following season when they’ve had their time.  And if you don’t want to wear them then your cushions can.  But if you do, then here are some ideas of how to do it the right way.



Living with your head in the sand and need help on where to find them? H&M have great accessories from earrings to necklaces to clutch bags all adorned with tassels and pom-poms, inexpensive and colourful they’re a great one stop for all, including your scatter cushions. They have a wonderful range of home wares of which the scatters have many a pom-pom swinging off the corners.  Country Road do tank tops and dresses with pom-poms down the side seams and hems, they look cute but do seem more on the beachy side.  Woolworths have some lovely boho style blouses with tassel ties around the neck and Zara brought out the pom-pom and tassel multi coloured strappy, tie on sandal (as above). Pretty much the sandal with all the bells and whistles if you can say that.

(I could have said, have a tasselly Tuesday, but that would have been way too cheesy ;))


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