My Top 5

I am no beauty expert but like all of us, after years of salon’s and product testing by the time you get to a certain age you pretty sure about what works and what you want to get out of your skincare routine.  It can get confusing with beauty and skincare products because there is SO much out there to try and choose from, and my head spins when I go into the beauty departments or skincare specialist stores for a top up of my usual’s and get informed of this new serum, or that eye cream, skin peel, mask or the latest Clarisonic. Seriously there was like 1 Clarisonic on the market 3 years ago and now there are about 20, what’s the difference!?! So that I don’t get side tracked I tend to gun straight for what I need and don’t let my eyes wonder otherwise I start asking questions and the intrigue starts to get the better of me.

Here are some of my absolute favourite beauty and skincare products which have earned themselves a permanent spot in my bathroom cabinet (well at least until the instant de-wrinkler hits the shop shelves!

Eve Lom cleanser is a facial in a tub. Honestly THE only cleanser I have ever used that actually gets rid of all the mascara in one shot, leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and extra clean thanks to the very mild exfoliating granules helping to get rid of dead skin daily.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 13.48.54

Night repair oils are my best, I recently was sent a very good brands nightcream that was a cream and not an oil and I have to say it has confirmed my love of putting a night time oil on my skin.  This Midnight recovery serum by Kiehls is my favourite that I have been using for probably more than 5 years now.  This oil leaves my skin hydrated and glowing and is still full of moisture come morning.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 14.09.43

I have only used a tinted moisturiser for ages now, every now and then I will try a foundation but it’s always a mistake when I do, I just look like Im trying to hide my freckles by using anything with a heavier coverage than tinted moisturiser. BUT I do feel that I need that tiny bit extra, especially if I’m going out.  After trying numerous things for years I finally came across this Laura Mercier Mineral Powder. Its wonderful, not only does it benefit the skin with it’s anti ageing products but it leaves my skin with a very light even skin tone, you can darken it up or keep it light and fresh as you like.  You would never know that you have a powder on your skin.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 14.43.00

I haven’t tried many serums but my skin is quite sensitive and they sometimes burn when I use them.  Good Genes gives a slight tingle every now and then but I can bare it for the results.  My skin tone is definitely more even after having used it for a few months and I may be imagining it but the skin doesn’t feel as thin anymore.  Either way this serum promises all sorts of long lasting goodness and I certainly love it!

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 14.25.34

When it comes to lashes I am definitely the odd one out in my house. I’m surrounded by three long lashed boys but thankfully they were blessed with lashes as us girls can just cake on the mascara. I have tried and tested numerous brands and wands I still think Hypnôse by Lancôme is my favourite. One of it’s major advantages is you can add to it hours after the first application without getting major clotting or stuck together lashes. No wonder it continuously wins beauty awards!

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 14.36.08

Let me know if you decide to give any of these a go, I would love to know if anybody else finds they love these as much as I do.


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