Life’s Little Treasure’s

It’s a sunny Saturday morning in Wales, Bruce and I are here for a wonderful couple’s wedding and we are so excited to be on our own again for a kiddie free weekend. We are staying in the most quaint little village called Hay-On-Wye in a gorgeous little loft apartment “The Pavement Palace”. I just love the name and we are right above the shops on one of the quieter little main streets.  I had booked myself into a spa this morning at a Country hotel about 20 minutes from here, but with the week that I have just had, the last thing on my mind was finding a cab to take me there at 9.20am on a Saturday, when living in London you take for granted that you can get anything at a moments notice. Clearly in Wales, the cab drivers are still sleeping at 9am, so I couldn’t get hold of one and unfortunately (or not) had to cancel.  However I’m now thrilled at the prospect of my free morning and have wasted endless minutes by pottering around deciding what to do next.  The first half hour was easy, I knew I needed a coffee, so I pulled my dress back on, put on the sunnies and went wondering, such a great feeling to be one of the first up, strolling the streets of a quaint and unfamiliar village, I followed the scents until I came across a little bakery, bought some fresh croissants and milk and headed back to the apartment after numerous Instagram pics of course….

I had a long list of things I wanted to do today before the wedding kicks off at 3pm that consisted of: a blog post, some work, catching up on emails and articles that I love to read, perhaps a face time or two with friends I never have time to chat to, a pedicure, fake bake myself ;-), read my latest copy of Porter Magazine, perhaps get closer to the end of the book I started last year.. (Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg), stroll the streets of Hay and browse all the antique treasures spotted on my morning walk and perhaps get in some much needed exercise that I never have time to do, oh and a spot of lunch with the hubby when he returns from his round of golf.  All this before lunch… Well it’s now 10:32am and I’ve managed the coffee, fake bake (that had to be done early), an article or two and I’m now writing.

It’s so funny this past week I was talking to Bruce (my husband) about the pressures in today’s world about having to do more than just be a mum, and how difficult it is to do something else successfully as well as being a mum…. successfully.  Yet there are so many genius super-mums out there that get the balance right and do it all.  They are pin up mothers to their gorgeous, well dressed broods as well as being super gorgeous themselves and have time to run a successful business, and I keep asking myself how? Is it possible to do without childcare? No! But when I leave my kids for more than 2 hours to do something work related or non work related the guilt seeps in, I want to be the one raising them and doing the mundane every day things with them, but some of these woman appear to be doing that too, as well as,,,.

Then this morning I was reading one of my favourite blogs and the article was on a former stylist, now living in Bali just being a mum (although Im sure she has tons of projects on the sideline) but her interview was so refreshing and so true!

What’s the hardest and best part of being a mum?
“When I first had Eadie, pretty much all the mums I knew were full-time working super hero mum jugglers, still functioning in the real world while dabbling in a bit of parenthood. Outstanding effort – I was in awe. But not able to keep up. Quite interesting that although we all know how hard-core parenthood is, when peeps ask you what you do (cringe) the general public is quite dulled by ‘just a mum’, it doesn’t feel like it’s enough, even though you couldn’t possibly even think about doing anything else, nor have the time to execute it. We’re already putting pressure on ourselves to do more, be more, earn more. Tough gig, I guess the hardest part is societal expectations and figuring out where I stand and how I’m seen, as a mum – just a mum. The best part about being a mum is that I’m growing into a woman who has opinions on such things. No wait that’s not the best part, there’s lots of good bits. Pretty cool when they outwit you. I get duped by Eadie all the time, she’s a tricky little one.”

The bit that stands out the most for me is people being bored by the answer of saying you’re just a mum as well as finding the time to do anything else let alone execute it!! Like all of us mums, we have so many wonderful ideas of what we would love to do but how on earth do we put it into practice when we just don’t have more than two hours at a time. And call me lazy but I’m not staying up until midnight to work just to be woken a few hours later by a baby or toddler and then have to cope happily with the day ahead on minimal sleep.  It’s such a tough gig! When I have worked it out I will let you in on the secret, I’m still trying to get there and hopefully soon I will reach my goal.  In the mean time I will enjoy life’s little treasures, which today will be all the antique stores I browse, and on any other given day will be my boys!

I leave you with some of the shop windows I came across earlier on my quest to find coffee and croissants. As well as a few of The Pavement Palace which I highly recommend and can be found on Air BnB.

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Show Windows

Happy Weekend to you all and enjoy the sunshine! X

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