Summer Entertaining

I don’t actually think summer entertaining is easier than winter.  The only easier bit is being able to all be outdoors but other than that I think throwing a stew together or slow cooking a Tagine or Casserole in winter is far easier than all the little finger foods and delicate bites available for summer parties.  We recently had a fun evening with some of our neighbours, 3 couples in total, and we each hosted a course at our homes. We did the starter, then moved on to another house for the main and then another for dessert.  Bruce and I wanted to do something tasty but really easy and quick as we didnt want to pre-cook (well you can’t really with most starter foods) but we were expecting our guests shortly after bath/bed time for the boys so we had a bit of multi-tasking to do, getting them fed and ready for bed and having our dinner party food ready for our guests upon their arrival.

We opted for sticky chicken wings (sauce made from scratch obviously), prawn, mango and lime zest skewers and tomato and avocado bruschetta with basil and glazed balsamic.  We also made a summer cocktail of Vodka and Elderflower which was so refreshing (unfortunately no photo for that).

I didn’t do much in the way of decor.  What I’m finding in Summer is that it’s lovely to pick a colour and combine it with white, stick to two bright fresh summer colours and keeping it that simple always works.  The colourful array of summer fruits and veg available are also enough to bring brightness to your table, and its all about presentation!

Some of the ingredients for the food below – look at the beautiful colours!


Bruschetta with Avocado, Rosa Tomatoes, Basil and a drizzle of Balsamic glaze


Chilli Prawn & Mango skewers with lime zest


Sticky barbecue chicken wings


So after having thought summer parties were quite tricky, these delicious bites took us no time at all.  We did pre-prepare the sauce for the chicken wings but everything else was done minutes before, a slight juggling act, I would say you need two pairs of hands but its possible and totally worth the effort!

Hope you having a lovely summer, I can’t wait for our next party!


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