Getting Sporty

I haven’t been to a gym class in…hmmm…..about 3.5years.  My oldest son is 3 and the last gym class I did was when I was probably about 4 or 5 months pregnant with him, so yes at least that long. I have done a fair amount of running in between the two babies, didn’t do a stitch of exercise when I was pregnant with my second, and have gone for 2 runs since 2nd was born, including a trail run, which chewed me up. So it’s fair to say I am pretty dam unfit.  I probably have a little bit of natural fitness from always being on the go but my strength is really not there anymore, I can feel the weakness in my core and it actually bugs me.  My butt muscles are also extremely weak, which I was kindly told by the physio when I did my last half marathon and got a knee injury, he told me my butt is weak and by doing absolutely no work my poor knees took all the strain. Wow!

I decided I needed to get back into a class to strengthen my core and all over body tone and muscles not just to look tighter but also because I actually need to have some strength in my body to help with my running and to ensure that I don’t get an injury (which I will start up again soon, I promise…) well I have to as I have signed up for another half marathon in October so I had better start thinking about.  All I want is to feel stronger and obviously look toned but I certainly do not want to look muscular or built up, especially because I am short I would like to try and lengthen my muscles.  So I came across Paolo’s Body Barre studio based in Fulham, highly recommended by all sorts of fitness guru’s, (you could say it’s “in vogue” although it actually is as well as numerous other elite publications) checked it out, liked the look of it, noticed they had an introductory offer of unlimited classes for 21 days for half the price of the usual monthly fee. Called them up, booked in and I was there, 8am on Saturday morning. Well let me just say that if I thought the trail run a few weeks ago was tough, that was absolutely nothing in comparison.  When the trainer told me over the phone to bring some energy she wasn’t just giving the typical gym instructor talk.  This class I chose for my first is called their Signature class:

This is our signature BodyBarre Class – dynamic, fun, and high energy (yet low impact). Our trainers will take you through series drawn from both pilates and ballet barre techniques, yielding incredible results. PBB Signature gets into the deeper stabilising muscles, as well as the peripheral muscles, working them to exhaustion giving you a tight, chiseled body. After just three or four sessions, you can expect lean limbs, amazing posture and a very strong core. 

Great for: A full body tone, without bulking muscles. 

Well the working your muscles to exhaustion part was pretty darn spot on! My muscles did not know what the hell had hit them. Needless to say, I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to go back. If you find something you love (and I refer to a sport or gym class) it can become so addictive, and even though it is so difficult for those 50 minutes or whatever it may be, they are gruelling, it’s bizarre how you cannot wait to go back for more.  I can highly recommend this fitness studio, or just exercise in general.  I had forgotten how awesome it was to go to a class and get that exhilarating feeling.

Luckily I picked out my nicest gym kit for that class, as not only were the girls dam fit, they were also swanning around in some pretty awesome attire which inspired me to do this gym wear post 😉 Gym clothing can be really expensive, I would say if you are an avid gym bunny then it’s probably worth spending the extra as you are in them every day, however you can get some great gear from places like H&M and Gap where the sportswear is good quality and inexpensive. Or take it up a notch and go to brands like Running Bare, Nike and Lululemon for more technically athletic on trend gym or any “other sweaty pursuits clothing” (Lululemon)

The budget

                                                                                         All  H&M

Quality products for half the price

                                                                                         All GapFit

 The top notch

                                                                                          All Lululemon

Sweat once a day to regenerate your skin.


2 thoughts on “Getting Sporty

    1. The trick is to actually book yourself into classes and put it in the diary, then you can plan around it and make sure you go! Well that’s what Ive done and I hope it works 😉


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