Trendy Tots II

With all the ridiculously cute mini clothes on the market I can’t believe this is only the 2nd post I’ve done on kiddies attire.

I don’t know about the rest of you Mums out there but I find it such a waste putting my boys in smart, adult type clothing. I personally can’t bare to watch them try and move around, climb a jungle gym or go down a slide in clothing that looks so tight, stiff and uncomfortable. I sometimes see little ones in smart collared shirts, belted trousers and OTT moccasin shoes, frilly dresses and jackets (cute for a photo shoot perhaps) but SO impractical! Take note all mummy to be’s, it may look cute, but it’s a nightmare to deal with!

So I love buying stretchy cotton fabrics that don’t have all the embellishments, buttons, zips & frills and rather opt for the softest cottons out there. I have put together a few outfit ideas that look super cute but won’t restrict your little one or annoy them when they are just trying to be kids!! My personal favourite is Next. I find their sizing to be spot on (obviously depending on your child’s size for their age you will agree or disagree) however it cant be denied that the clothes are CUTE! Their fabrics are super soft and the clothing is made so well making them able to endure the playground and constant washing, whilst keeping their shape. I love Zara kids too but I do find the sizing quite big (always around the waist) but I love their little jogger bottoms that they do with all the cute designs and great colours. The graphics are always on trend and really colourful and interesting.


Striped tee with Bunny Next // Denim Dungarees Next // Laceless Low Tops Next


Navy Leggings Next // Embroidered Blouse Next //  Mint cardigan Next // Fruit Sneakers Zara


Pocket trousers Next // White tee-pee t-shirt Next // Laceless Low Tops Next // Sweater Zara


Snoopy sweater Zara // Red t-shirt Zara // Navy elasticated waist trousers Next // Plimsolls Zara


Camera Print Sweater Zara // Pirate t-shirt Next // Pocket Shorts Zara // Sneakers Zara


Shorts Next // Everything else Zara

I also find dressing kids in the morning needs to be done quickly, there’s no such luxury as browsing through the wardrobe. It may seem crazy but I pack the draws so that everything sits in specific piles. e.g I separate t-shirts into striped, printed, plain. I also keep long sleeve t-shirts in a separate pile and sweaters that open with zips separate to sweaters that are pulled over the head.  Then if I grab a pair of shorts with checks or stripes I know to grab a t-shirt from the plain pile rather than the printed or striped pile. This I find helps not only for me but my 3 year old hates wearing clothes but knows he has to and in winter he knows he has to have one item from each pile, a t-shirt, trousers, and a long sleeve t-shirt or sweater and he can then pick out his own clothes which definitely helps the process of getting him into his clothes!

Good luck!


3 thoughts on “Trendy Tots II

  1. I have been searching for better trousers (or pants as we know them !!) for Luke (nearly 2) I find I have been dressing him in jeans and exactly as you say they stiff and restricting. Is there anything like tights for boys like girls have ? Thanks xx


    1. Yes there is so much. Zara do a boys version of tights. Under boys joggers or trousers you will find loads. Also these navy trousers in the post above are a smarter look but comfy! Oliver has some similar.
      Let me know if you need help!


      1. Brilliant thanks actually didn’t see the trousers in the 4th photo thats great, thanks I will go have a look.


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