We’re back in London after our lovely long vacation in South Africa and I am slightly regretting my choice to come back this early, two kiddies in this freezing weather is not easy! But there are positives; it’s good to be back home, woke up to pretty snow, the sun still shines here, looking forward to catching up with friends and so happy to be back with my hubby and being a family of four together for the first time in our home AND getting a routine going…. well that’s what I am hoping to achieve 😉 As I am sure with everyone holiday always brings bad habits with unhealthy eating, late nights and not much discipline but I was thinking it will all fall back into place when we get home.  Just as I thought I was going to be so good with children’s meals, sleeping arrangements and TV, my first day I gave my toddler toast for breakfast and lunch and spaghetti hoops for supper…. my baby slept in my bed as I realised I had not ordered a new mattress for his cot before leaving for hols (all that mattered then was finding our summer clothes) BUT I am proud to say I managed to not switch the TV on for my toddler all day until 6pm, so some how I managed to keep him entertained all day without him asking to watch.

This year I hope to be back up and running as soon as possible with my personal styling, blogging and OOTD pics (as below) along with some other exciting projects on the horizon….

Follow me on Instagram and watch as my outfits and style develop over the next couple of months as I muddle through the beginnings of learning to juggle life with two kiddies rather than one. This is all I managed for today (see below) And stay tuned for weekly (hopefully) posts on fashion, interiors and lifestyle. I will be updating you all on the decorating project as well 😉

Let the fun of 2015 begin!


Jeans: Zara // Tee: Topshop // Nails: OPI // Chair: Brissi // Cushion: Two Sisters


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