Wednesday Wisdom

I love reading bits of advice, inspirational quotes and quirky poetry, or anything actually that makes me think hard, reminds me to work harder, to be happier or makes me laugh!

I find so often so many of us, in fact I am sure all of us are guilty of it, waiting for the next thing to happen.  Waiting for Friday, waiting for our next holiday or waiting for a lucky break in our career’s or whatever it may be.  We are so busy concentrating on the future that we are not focusing enough on what we should be doing right now.  I was watching my son this evening and simply could not believe how tall and grown up he has gotten.  He is suddenly speaking properly and helping me unpack the dish washer!!!! I had piled the plates up on the bench to put away (perfect height for him) and I turned around to see that he was picking up a plate at a time and putting them away in the cupboard (which is also low down so perfect height for him) AND putting them in their correct places, so carefully as not to drop any.  I was amazed.  I do not know where the last two years have gone but it’s a reminder to me to slow down and enjoy him now as a little boy and focus on each day and not next week or next month.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 22.01.47

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 22.00.51

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 22.04.24

This saying above is so true, I was having an average day getting on with stuff.  I was painting a wall (well a sample patch) at the apartments I am decorating and suddenly had a panic about some tiles I had chosen. I was chatting to one of the guys and burst out laughing about my choice, that good laugh (which was probably a bit of nervous hysteria more than anything else) made my day, I felt so good afterwards and suddenly I had forgotten about my panic or just realised it will be ok!

Hope you can all find a little bit of inspiration to get you to the weekend without wishing the next few days away.


Quotes: Pinterest

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