Trendy Tots

Everytime I pop into stores to pick up something for my son, I am overwhelmed by the amazing selection of kiddies clothing there is to choose from. Choosing for them is just as difficult as for ourselves and I had a hard time putting these little inspiration boards together as I just couldn’t decide which items to show.  Anyway here is a little bit of trendy tot inspiration for you and your wee ones, starting with the gals 😉





Slide10Slide09Slide08Slide07Slide06All items come from either Baby Gap or Zara Mini

A Tip: If you have two children of the same gender it is definitely worth investing in really good shoes, jackets and even jeans as they will last much longer although they may look a little scuffed at least they will still be good to use. Kids grow so fast that it is silly not to re-use what you can. Buy cheaper t-shirts and everyday nursery school wear as I find clothing at school tends to get rather messed up, those are the pieces you don’t want the poor second child to have to re-use… Even if you don’t have two of the same sex its still wise to buy the best shoes you can for your children’s developing feet. Just like we hate uncomfortable shoes, so do they, especially with all the running around they do. Also be sure to get their feet measured every two months to ensure they aren’t wearing small shoes!

Wishing you and your families a happy weekend x

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 15.29.23

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