Tennis Attire

One of my favourite events on the British Summer calendar has arrived. Wimbledon. I haven’t been for a about three years and I plan on going this Wednesday with some friends. I live about 2 km’s from the entrance so it really is silly not to make the effort.  The entire village is just buzzing with excitement and everyone is out and about in a festive mood.

I would say there are two types of dress code for Wimbledon, they are casual for the people that queue and sit on the grass or stands and then those that are going into the corporate area, members, and guests of players who should probably be dressed a little smarter.  I’ve been lucky enough to benefit from being invited to the corporate area before, endless drinks and food are served, lots of shaded umbrella’s, for when you are not watching a match and most importantly seats to either Centre Court or Court #1.  No matter where you are going to be sitting, queueing or not queueing, you will never be completely sheltered from the possible chance of rain, so always take a rain coat or umbrella.  I would also recommend a hat or wear sunblock, the British summer, believe it or not can be scorching (which it has been lately) and if the forecast is 24 degrees, it actually feels like 30 degrees.  Whilst I sit here and type up this post I have just looked out the window and I see big dark grey clouds forming and a few minutes ago I was burning in the sunshine, so the weather is unpredictable and will change at the drop of a hat, so be prepared.

Here are two selected outfits, 1 for the casual visitor and the other for a smarter look but still feeling comfortable and cool.

Slide1Sleeveless blouse, Birkenstock Sandals and Denim Shorts all J Crew // Necklace Anthropologie // Panama Hat Jack Wills

Slide2Crochet Panel Jumpsuit Topshop // Handbag Zara // Earrings Anthropologie // Sardinia Espadrilles J Crew

If you aren’t lucky enough to be attending in person, a great way to get into the spirit is to throw a wimbledon party, get together for a match, serve strawberries and cream, Pimms and Champagne and all wear tennis attire 😉


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