Beauty blitz by Bobbi Brown

A good friend and I had been wanting to try out Bobbi Brown’s makeover session in Selfridges for some time. We finally got around to going (thank goodness as both of us were running low on the foundation front and just cosmetics in general).

I asked for a natural day look as I always do the same makeup every day, wish basically consists of tinted moisturiser, blush and mascara.  I needed to spice things up a little and I needed help!

The look they gave me was gorgeous however probably a little too dark for a day face – for me anyway!


We got a lesson on skincare first and then application of makeup, brushes to use and how best to round it up.


All the great colours, seeing all of this makes me wish I was more adventurous with makeup!


This was my takeaway tutorial to remind me what goes where and all the colours and products were also jotted down here as a reminder for when I need to restock or purchase anything I didnt on the day.


And this is what I came away with – pretty much the basics. Conclusion: It was fun, I learnt loads but a leopard never changes it’s spots.  I will also wear the basics when it comes to makeup!


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